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1 UNF Drive | Jacksonville, FL 32224 | 9046205309 | unf.recruitment.ifc@gmail.com | https://www.unf.edu/fraternity-sorority/

Congratulations on registering to participate in the Interfraternity Council's Spring 2024 Recruitment!  
We are excited you have decided to look into joining one of our IFC chapters.


     IFC Week (January 22nd - 26th)
         January 22nd IFC Showcase Ballroom Event
         You'll have the opportunity to meet all 11 of our amazing IFC fraternities during this time.  More information to be provided once finalized.
         January 22nd - 26th:
         Each individual IFC fraternity will host one event so that you can get to know them better.
     Rush Week (January 29th- Febuary 2nd)
         January 29th:  
         Rush Week officially begins!  Most chapters will host an event each day throughout the week.

To stay updated on all things recruitment-related, follow IFC's Instagram account (@unf_ifc) for more regular updates!

If you have any questions regarding IFC Recruitment, please do not hesitate to contact Austin Price, IFC Vice President of Recruitment, at unf.recruitment.ifc@gmail.com or IFC President, Xavier Ford at